claw marks

Since a long time I have believed that to love someone, you need to know everything about them. You need to know their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses. But then again, you never get to know someone fully. You never get to know everything about someone. At the end of the day, you do miss out some big or small detail about them. There are so many feelings that they feel that you don’t know about. And that is why I hate the idea of crush. Because you never know the person’s past and what has made them what they are.

Pain is a part of everyone’s life. One can bear any pain as long as it has meaning behind it. But life is not that easy. Sometimes, some pain has no meaning at all. All those positive quote writers are huge liars. Everyone who has suffered has claw marks on their hearts and bodies. And just looking at those marks hurts, okay? So, how can you go around saying you like someone when you haven’t seen the claw marks that they have kept hidden from the whole world?

You can’t, you just can’t love someone whose claw marks you haven’t seen. Because people with claw marks have hurricanes under their skin. Their blood is mixed with tears and their hearts aren’t open anymore. And when you get near, you will become afraid. And then you’ll leave. Just like that. You’ll get near and then you’ll run away. Because no matter what you say not everyone is brave enough to face hurricanes in real life.

To love a hurt person, you need a lot of patience because they won’t trust you easily. Maybe they’ll tell you the stories behind each of the claw marks but no, they won’t trust you with their heart. You see after getting hurt so many times, it is easy to declare it to the whole world that you are hurt but it isn’t easy to let the same world in. So, they’ll show you that they are bleeding but they won’t let you touch the wound. They’ll flinch.

So, I think crushes are not love. Because doesn’t love accept you for what you are? Doesn’t love decide to stay? Crushes don’t stay once they see your claw marks and scars. They get scared. They call you a monster. They call you insane. They laugh on you. They bully you. Crushes don’t love you. If you are a hurt person, I am sorry but crushes are just not for you because they’ll hurt you. Once your wounds are in front of them, bare and ready to be touched, they’ll carve their names on your skin and watch you as you bleed. Crushes are a curse for hurt people because you don’t know them just the way they don’t know you. Crushes can be cruel and greedy.

Then again, maybe true love doesn’t need to know everything about you. Maybe they don’t need to know about the wounds, maybe they won’t ask about them at all. Maybe they’ll concentrate more on the present. And won’t that be wonderful? To be set free of your past and to have no worries of the future?


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