bye, bye, bye, my blue

Sink in the sea that I am

Be the strength running through my veins

Live like you mean it

And be with me

(Like you want it)

I’ll call you my lifeline

If you keep me afloat

And don’t teach me how to swim

If you wanna disappear later

(‘Cause I won’t ever swim after that)

There are clouds in the sky

I wanna touch

Don’t be my wings

(I won’t ask for that from you)

Just be there on the land

And catch me if I fall?

(Can you assure me you’ll catch me?)

Trust me enough to let me walk

Into the darkness that I sometimes find

But hold my hand (maybe?)

(Will you?)

So, let’s make some rules

You can leave if you want

(But you’ll have to warn me

Like a week before, okay?)

I won’t leave you

I won’t ever leave you for myself

I promise

(You’d leave, anyway)

So, maybe let’s not even try

‘Cause you’ll hurt me in the end

Won’t you?

I can already cry thinking

About the heartbreak

Of you leaving

And I don’t want that.

So, maybe I won’t ask you to be anything.

And you won’t try to be anything to me.

Let’s not smile at each other, then?

Let’s not touch hands by mistake, okay?

Let’s keep this distance

And let me be safe and sound.



Thank you.

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