Naming her Blue

Lu’s mother had taught her to be the best. She knew the names of all the monsters; she knew how they looked and how to save herself from them. She, indeed, was a brave one. But like every other mother in her world, her mother didn’t tell of that monster. She didn’t teach Lu how to speak its name or how to get away from its trap because that monster was a bad omen. The one who saw this monster was supposed to be outcast from their world. This was the rule. Therefore, mothers didn’t tell their children about it, because if they didn’t know it was if they didn’t know its name, it won’t affect them, right? They won’t be outcast even if they saw it, even if the monster latched itself on them.

Lu had been lately complaining about heartache. So her mother decided to have a look at her chest. She was suspicious that it was the monster, the one who must not be named. So, she smiled at her daughter and told her it was a small monster and she had made it go away with one swing of her hand in the air. And Lu believed her because the children in their world were taught to trust their mothers, no matter what.

After a few months, Lu complained that the heartache had grown and reached her head somehow. Her mother smiled and read some words from the magical book about monsters and again swung her hand in the air. She smiled and patted Lu’s head and told Lu to go play outside but Lu refused to move from the bed. So that day Lu remained in her bed for hours and let her mother think she was asleep as she battled with the ache in her heart and mind.

Years went by and Lu was almost bed-ridden now. Unlike other people of her age who now knew of all the monsters, who seemed to have written better spells to make the monsters go away, who used to fly in their magical vehicles, Lu used to sleep all day long. It was tiring to see her so lethargic.

One day, Lu decided to confront her mother. She told her mother how the pain was beyond bearable. And her mother told her only one thing that she regretted naming her Blue.

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