Coming Out

He took a step back and hit the counter. He backed his hands to hold it and looked at his mum with wide eyes. His cheek still stung from the slap.

“I love you”, she muttered softly and started crying with her face in her hands.

He swallowed and gripped the counter more tightly.

“I know. I know you love me”, he croaked. “But do you like me? ”

She looked distraught and confused.

“You don’t. You love me but you don’t like me, you don’t like who I am.”

He looked at the dinner table set neatly with the expensive china and silver, they took out only for special occasions. In this case, for the girl she wanted him to marry from the orphanage she worked at. For a second, he saw his family sitting there and laughing together, but that was before they knew.

He looked back at her and felt distressed by the amount of tears. Tears tasted salty. He licked the ones that had made their way near his mouth. They were bitter.

“I… I think I’ll go and stay with Jules for a while”, he spoke decidedly and moved towards the door.


When he passed by the living room, she was sitting on her favorite couch and staring at the wall. She looked at him briefly.

It’ll all be fine, he told himself, just a few days and it’ll be alright. He nodded at her, he had run out of words, and walked out.

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